The Carteret News Times Help Wanted ads…

I always enjoy reading the Carteret News Times.  Apart from all of the typos i usually find it is the Classifieds I tend to chuckle at mostly.  There are the usual “Carpenter” and “Electrician” jobs you see in almost every print of this paper…and then there’s the mystery jobs.  You know…the ones that say “Someone needed for something blah blah please send resume to this carteret times po box”.  Honestly….who in the hell would apply for this.  One…you don’t know what your applying for…all you know you could be applying for some fast food restaurant. Two…you will have absolutely no way to follow up…most people like to follow up or keep tabs on the places they’ve applied for work…I know I do…and pretty much 100% of the people I know do so get a clue.  Last, but not least, it just seems kind of shady….You’re going to have to go into this job knowing your boss went an extra mile to make sure that you didn’t know who you were applying to…seems rather conspicuous to me.

So…take a hint people and include the name of your bloody company when you submit a help wanted ad.  Let your potential employees know who they could be working for…and you just might get an increase in applicants.


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